Terms of use

  1. These Terms of Use apply to services provided electronically by:
    MULTIFLOTA seated in Chwaszczyn (80-209), ul. Norwida 20, Tax Id. No. (NIP): 5831355895, Business Id. No. (REGON): 221624436
  2. The MULTIFLOTA system is a software aimed to manage car repairs registered in the customers' system through the transfer of cases / job orders to workshops which are the system users.
  3. MULTIFLOTA enables to receive information on the status of an individual case / job order.
  4. The software is not installed on Users' devices; the system operates on-line at the Service Provider' servers.
  5. In line with the present Terms of Use, a system user is a natural person who, upon registration in the system, makes use of functionalities provided by the system.
  6. MULTIFLOTA accounts for the registration of a system user.
  7. By registering in the system a system user agrees to use its data for operations required to perform the services offered by MULTIFLOTA.
  8. The MULTIFLOTA system is provided free of charge to Users who order repairs; it is accessed by logging on www.multiflota.com.
  9. In order to use the system, it is necessary to have a terminal device with internet access and log on to the system upon prior successful registration.
  10. MULTIFLOTA is not liable for failure to perform or improper provision of services by workshops which render services at customers' vehicles.
  11. Users have access to their data which they may correct or order the system administrator to modify them at any time.
  12. At any time the User may finish making use of the system by terminating the agreement.
  13. Making use of the MULTIFLOTA system in any other manner than within the range of permitted use is not allowed without the Service Provider's consent.
  14. In case of Users' queries regarding the Terms of Use, please send an email to: multiflota@multiflota.com or call hotline number found on www.multiflota.com / Home Page.
  15. MULTIFLOTA reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and the Users will be notified 14 days prior to the entry into force of this change on the website. In case of a lack of consent to the changed Terms of Use, the User may terminate the agreement with immediate effect within 14 days from being notified on such change. The right to terminate the agreement expires in case of using the system upon such change in the Terms of Use was made.

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