Gratuities for the repair shop

Cooperation as a repair shopwith Multiflota

Multiflota is not just car fleet management for customers and offers for them.

Multiflota is also a number of benefits for repair shops who are members of our network. Working with us, you are participating in a closed group of interrelated entities which when implementing purchases within their networks, mutually increase their revenues and minimise costs.

Benefitsof using the system

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Increased revenues through steerability of repairs,
  • Increasing revenue through in-network purchases carried out by other repair shops,
  • Increasing revenue through in-network own purchases from network members,
  • Opportunity to develop sales of additional products/services offered to clients,
  • Special discount systems for purchases of goods and services for network members,
  • The ability to sell cars to programme participants - Multiflota customers,
  • The possibility of purchasing cars withdrawn from use by programme participants - Multiflota customers,
  • Reliable payment,
  • Simple system of verification of repair shop strengths and weaknesses - quality reports after each service,
  • Closed circle of suppliers with a system of discounts and special offers for members of the Multiflota network of repair shops,
  • Constant inflow of new customers,
  • Authorising repairs means simplified billing,
  • Ease of resolving warranty issues within the network of repair shops,
  • Training,
  • Contests.

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