What's Multiflota?

Multiflota is a customer-repair shop communication platform used for comprehensive vehicle care. Multiflota is also a purchasing platform for repair shops joining the network and the tenderer of short- and long-term car rentals.

Our goal is to take care of your vehicle fleet. We will organise periodic inspections, mechanical repairs and body work, insurance, towing, tyre change or registration inspection for you.

Our mission is to organise a fast and the best cost-effective repair of a car belonging to our Client and to provide comprehensive care of each of car individually.

Logging in

Fill out the application form on the website and become a member of a free programme dedicated to you and your fleet!

Report repairs, defects, damage in a convenient way, via e-mail, a form on the website or by phone, leaving the whole process of organising the solution to the Multiflota Team. And enjoy the time saved!

Save time and money. Repair the vehicle, buy parts, accessories and insurance under preferred terms in promotions for programme participants!

Choose the best solutions for you, verify the costs and savings through simple reports available to programme participants!

Asses quality of repair shop in the Multiflota network. Choose among those who are the best.
Remember, your feedback improves processes and levels of service and repair!

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